A vulnerability in the Snoopy library was announced today. WordPress uses Snoopy to fetch the feeds shown in the Dashboard.

Even it does not seem as high risk vulnerability it is recomended to upgrade.

For more information.

After I finished my browser tests (see previous post for details)  I started removing the browsers I do not use or the ones in beta phase.

For my “surprise” only componet that stated on my system and there was no obvious way to remove was as all of oyu already  guessed – googleupdate.exe

Even I removed the chrome browser this application was not removed and in top of it still active and connectiong to google servers for report.

After searching internet I found instructions on how to remove it.

To Uninstall GoogleUpdate.exe:

  1. Stop GoogleUpdate.exe in Windows Task Manager
  2. Run msconfig and disable GoogleUpdate.exe under StartUp (no need to restart)
  3. Delete GoogleUpdate task in C:\WINDOWS\Tasks
  4. Delete “Update” folder under your C:\Documents and Settings\Your name\Local Settings\Application Data\Google
  5. Clean up any term with “GoogleUpdate” in the registry file via regedit (Warning!). If you’re not sure about doing this, then just use CCleaner to clean up the registry.

Finally gone.