QNX announced that the company makes available the source code of his Neutrino RTOS (real time operating system) microkernel via newly created QNX Foundry27 portal.

At Foundry27, customers and developers can access a wealth of resources relating to the QNX Neutrino RTOS and the QNX Momentics IDE, as well as to new community projects.

Finally one mature realtime kernel code is available …. (bad news is that it is released under dual licensing).

A tip from Metacafe about making safety pin if you have only pliers and paper clip.

Make Safty Pin From A Paperclip! Watch the best video clips here

Multiplication bug in Microsoft Excel 2007 has been reported to Microsoft.

How to verify if your Spreadsheet has the same problem?

Simply put =850*77.1 in any cell the correct result is 65,535, but MS Excel 2007 calculated it as 100000.

There are several other “buggy”combinations reported by other users:

What’s even stranger is this:  Suppose the formula is in A1.
=A1+1 returns 100001, which appears to show the formula is in fact 100000
and a very Serious problem.
And if you multiply be say, 2 you get something else:
returns 131070, as if A1 had 65535. (which it should have been)
Keeps it at 100000.
=A1-1 returns 65534
=A1/1 is still 100000
=A1/2 returns 32767.5
Using MAX() on a range appears not to see 100000.

If a CD is round why we need to print on it as it was page of paper?

This was (probably) the question DYMO engineers were asked and they developed new way of printing on CD – just spin the media and print on it

The result is:

dymo printer

Dymo DiskPainter

With this product they introduce new measuring format dpi/min and their firs product is intended to have 600 dpi/min which means 1 cd per 60 sec.

Expected price tag is: ~$280

One cartridge will last 100 CDs.

If your system is running slowly and you are concerned if it is connecting to some web sites the tip from Digital Inspiration will be very useful to you:

1. Type cmd in your Windows Run box.

2. Type “netstat -b 5 > activity.txt” and press enter. After say 2 minutes, press Ctrl+C.

3. Type “activity.txt” on the command line to open the log file in notepad (or your default text editor)

Then you will see all connections made from your computer to other servers.

TIP: When running the command better close you web browser and other programs connecting to internet known to you. Wait around a minute and start the test. This will reduce your false positives.

Mozilla foundation updated Firefox to 2..0.0.7.

There are no new features – this is completely security fix release.

This one fixes only one MFSA 2007-28 “Code execution via QuickTime Media-link files” with critical impact.

It is recommended to do the update.

USB 3.0

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On IDF Intel promoted new USB specification USB 3.0 with the aim of 10x speed increase.

“USB (Universal Serial Bus) 3.0 will create a backward-compatible standard with the same ease-of-use and plug and play capabilities of previous USB technologies. Targeting over 10x performance increase, the technology will draw from the same architecture of wired USB. In addition, the USB 3.0 specification will be optimized for low power and improved protocol efficiency. USB 3.0 ports and cabling will be designed to enable backward compatibility as well as future-proofing for optical capabilities.”


Many users still do it the old fashion style.

  1. Open terminal
  2. CD to the directory

Now the shortcut:

  1. Right click desired folder in Nautilus and choose Open in terminal

It is simpler and saves some typing. Requires that nautilus-open-terminal package is installed.

Google adds web presentation software to its offering Google Docs.

Now Google Docs is fully functional web based office suite.

Is is with basic features (for now), but how many of you are using full functionality of your office suite?

Major bug-fix and added features in the new version of OpenOffice.org – 2.3.0.

It is recommended to update.

See release notes.

Download it from here .

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