Usually in Windows XP when you click Start -> Turn off Computer you have following options:

  • Stand by
  • Turn off
  • Restart

But there is another option called Hibernate. As name suggests when you choose that option your computer goes in deep sleep. This is different from Stand by mode and Shutdown and actually is in between.
In that mode Windows XP does the same as Stand by, but in addition writes memory dump on the hard drive and turns off the PC.
After you power up the PC the memory dump is loaded in the memory and computer resumes operation as after stand by.
It takes a bit more time for that operation, but is much less hat initial power up.

How to enable Hibernate?

  1. Make sure that you are logged in with administrator account. You can do that by going in Start -> Control Panel -> User account
  2. Go to Power Options and choose Hibernate tab
  3. Check Enable hibernation
  4. Now you are able to hibernate your computer


  • I do not have hibernate icon

If on turn off menu you do not have hibernate icon it means that you have newer computer BIOS that supports Stand by by lower power option.
If you want to hibernate you need to press Shift button until hibernate icon appears.

Sometimes is annoying having all this popups when VLC is minimized and track changes.

Here is how to disable them (for version 1.x):
Go to Tools-> Preferences -> All -> Interfaces -> Main Interfaces -> Qt
and uncheck Notify on track change.

And since interface changed in new version (For version 2.x)

Go to Tools-> Preferences -> Interface -> Show media change popup

and change to Never

Here is a screenshot for reference:

VLC disable notification when minimized

Added by request(Trevor):

If you want to remove systray icon just above there is the setting “Show Systray Icon”. Uncheck it to remove icon from systray.