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Recently I had to create a table to convert from lb to kg.

The way I did it was to start spreadsheet program – Excell or and fill up the conversion formula and desired data range.

1. In a cell fill the conversion in my case 1 lb = 0.453592 kg I used cell B1

2. Fill up a column with desired data

3. in next column type the formula =A3*$B$1

4. Copy the formula to other rows

5. Done

This method could be used for other conversions just by changeng the value in B1

The root password is the key to any Unix/Linux system and the person who knows it is with full rights. But there is a simple way to crack root password.

Just type at terminal:

echo '82 43/25 43+65P80P82P73P76P32P70P79P79P76P10P' | dc