After updating my Windows machine I found that few folders with cryptic names are created in root directory.

They look like this:

28/12/2006  07:33 PM    <DIR>          1822a56c32dc8dbcf5
11/02/2009  09:42 PM    <DIR>          89b3b50a7b1b96838a89
30/08/2007  06:19 PM    <DIR>          a8ccd1e2d466bc402f

I’m used to the folders created after update in \WINDOWS and after I’m sure that there is no problems with the update they could be safely erase, but this was something new.

After browsing the contens my initial thougths were confirmed those were temporary folders from windows update.

So I erased them…

In FreeBSD by default you do not have bash as shell prompt.

Here is the procedure to install it:

  1. type whereis bash
  2. cd to that folder
  3. type make configure
  4. make all install clean
  5. take a cofee 😉
  6. type chsh -s /usr/local/bin/bash root to change the shell for root or replace root with username you want to change the shell.
  7. Then relogin (logout and login) to enjoy bash shell