New version (0.7.10) of the “Web authoring system” – KompoZer is available.

Fixes were added to Application itself, HTML editor and CSS editor.
Language packs will be available soon on the web site.

To download the rpm go to

Changelog (0.7.7 => 0.7.10):

  • Application
    • fixed: the extension manager is now able to use the extensions proper locales (BIG thanks to Motohiko!)
    • fixed: the same source code now builds on Linux (gcc4.1), MacOSX (gcc3.5), Win32 (vs7.0) and OS/2 (?).
    • fixed: (win**) KompoZer and Nvu can run simultaneously (various similar bugs have been corrected)
    • fixed: (win9x) KompoZer now has its own icon in the taskbar (Motohiko again)
    • fixed: the icon has been changed (thanks Alain & Aubin!)… /Besser so?/ 😉
  • HTML Editor
    • fixed: the toolbars can be customized without relaunching KompoZer
    • fixed: links can be styled in WYSIWYG (‘why do my links stay blue?’)
    • fixed: display a clickable label on objects, scripts and hidden form inputs (‘normal’ & ‘HTML tags’ views)
    • added: red dotted borders around <div> containers (‘normal’ & ‘HTML tags’ views)
    • added: undo/redo buttons in the main toolbar
    • fixed: hiding the rulers improves speed and reliability
    • fixed: bug in the vertical ruler that causes Nvu/KompoZer to be stuck in ‘source’ mode
    • modified: the markup cleaner does not remove empty blocks with ID/class attributes any more
    • modified: the markup cleaner now considers <ol>, <ul>, <li>, <dl>, <dt>, <dd>, <pre>, <address>, <blockquote> and <tr> elements as blocks
  • CSS Editor
    • fixed: CaScadeS is now disabled in ‘HTML Source’ mode
    • modified: easier creation of style rules
    • added: ‘Edit selector’ dialog in the CSS editor
    • fixed: exporting a stylesheet now always use relative URLs
    • fixed: in the ‘general’ tab, the stylesheet’s URL is displayed in a fixed-width, read-only box (to avoid this bug reported by Charles Cooke)
    • fixed: a few bugs in the ‘background’ tab (opacity, background-position)
    • fixed: small UI bug in the ‘border’ tab
    • added: spin buttons in the ‘box’ tab
    • modified: the top / left / right / bottom properties are reordered ‘clockwise’, to be consistent with the CSS specification (top / right / bottom / left)
    • modified: no more ‘expert’ mode in the CSS editor
    • modified: -100px on the CSS editor window width
    • modified: single window for all inline styles
    • added: in the status bar, tags are written in italic if they have inline styles


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