I had Windows 8 installed on my old AMD 64 with 2G RAM.

Installation went smoothly and it was really quick (did not time it, but it is faster than XP installation) with 2 reboots required.

Almost all Hardware was recognized and functional – it looks like my integrated card reader give some trouble… but will work on it.

What I had to probably start with is that the license for that system is valid until March 8, 2012 (Is it a coincidence that this is international women day 😉 ).

And most importantly you have to plan that installation really carefully.

If you need to (witch is most probably the case) keep your old OS (XP/W7) you need to:

  1. Create new partition for Windows 8 – this can be done with live CD like partedmagic or similar tool (windows disk management).
  2. Choose that partition as destination during windows 8 install – you need to choose Custom as install method.
  3. Continue installation
  4. After installed go to system properties -> advanced -> startup and recovery settings and choose previous Windows version.

This procedure will show you menu on boot so you can choose what version to boot.


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  1. Albert on October 15th, 2011 9:18 am

    I genuinely hope Microsoft continue to innovate with Windows. We all know they took their eye off the ball with Vista (or maybe XP was still good enough) – but anyway, keeping up with (and continuing to challenge) Google and Apple is ultimately good for customers.

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