Laptop for $ 150?!

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Everybody know about OLPC (one laptop per child) – it is really popular project offering laptop like device for the children of developing countries for about $100.

Several other companies build concurrent projects:

  • Intel – Classmate PC
  • Asus – Eee PC 701 ~ $ 200

Now there is new player on the market Meddison Celebrity offering a Linux laptop for $150 + shipping and taxes.

From company news it seems that it is manufactured in Brazil.

ATTENTION: I’m not affiliate with the company and cannot guarantee anything. There is proverbe: “It’s too good to be true”. Be careful since there is no phone number on their contact page and delivery time is very extended 4-6 weeks + they cannot guarantee that the price will not change. If this is a scam we will know maybe in 3-6 months when first laptops are delivered (or not).


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