It was a while I did not check the status of the project, but after I opened my application it detected new version and prompted me do I want to update.

So now I have version 0.9.3. Here are the changes made from my last update:

0.9.3 (2008-10-07):

  • fix an issue with opening non-ascii files
  • updated Japanese and Brazilian translation

0.9.2 (2008-10-06):

  • ability to disable auto-update check
  • improved text rendering – should fix problems with overlapping text
  • improved font substitution for fonts not present in PDF file
  • can now open PDF files with non-ASCII names
  • improvements to DDE (contributed by Danilo Roascio)
  • SyncTex improvements
  • improve persistence of state (contributed by Robert Liu)
  • fix crash when pressing ‘Cancel’ when entering a password updated translations

As usual latest version can be downloaded from official web site.


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