Mute Screamer uses PHPIDS to detect attacks on your WordPress site and react in a way that you choose.
If you have too many intrusions in you Mute Screamer log (v 1.0.7 at time of writing) removing them via Admin (web) interface could be time consuming.

Faster is to do that directly on the database.

Just execute this SQL command (MySQL in this example) on your WorPress database:
TRUNCATE TABLE 'PREFIX_mscr_intrusions'

NOTE: “mscr_intrusions” is default table name and PREFIX is your WordPress prefix you set on installation, please replace with correct value. if you do not have that table you can look for the name at line 53 in mute-screamer.php.

I will be glad to see clean all button in one of next versions.


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  1. Kelly Orr on January 21st, 2014 8:18 am

    This worked great! Needed to remember to drop the apostrophes from the command so it was TRUNCATE TABLE PREFIX_mscr_intrusions.

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