Recently Shorewall (Shoreline Firewall) released new version 4.5.0.

This version introduced new packing. From this version you have follwoing packages:

  • Shorewall Core – Core libraries installed in /usr/share/shorewall/
  • Shorewall – Requires Shorewall Core. Together with Shorewall Core, provides IPv4 firewalling.
  • Shorewall6 – Requires Shorewall. Provides IPv6 firewalling.
  • Shorewall Lite – Requires Shorewall Core. As before.
  • Shorewall6 Lite – Requires Shorewall Core. As before.
  • Shorewall Init – As before.

Since we have Core package now to upgrade from 4.4.x version you need to update at least 2 packages – core and shorewall.

To do that in CentOS 5 the spteps are follwoing (in your case probably versions will be different):

1. Download new packages


2. Upgrade shorewall

rpm -Uvh shorewall-core- shorewall-
error: Failed dependencies:
perl(Digest::SHA1) is needed by shorewall-

In my case additional package was required so I have to install it:

yum install perl-Digest-SHA1

and update again

3. Check configuration

shorewall check

4. Restart shorewall

shorewall restart


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