CentOS 4.6 is ready

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You can download it now:


Major changes for this version are:

* samba has been updated to version 3.0.25b. This addresses several
critical issues affecting interoperability with Windows 2003в„ў and
Windows Vistaв„ў (resolved in recent upstream releases).

* autofs5 is included in this release as a Technology Preview. This new
version of autofs resolves several long-standing interoperability issues
in multi-vendor environments.

* There is a technology preview of OpenOffice-2.0 included in the
updates directory. You can install this OOo2 preview alongside the
current OOo-1.1.5 version, or you may install the OOo2 preview alone.
We apologize that this was not included on the ISOs, however it was not
on the upstream ISOs and we followed that layout. To List the new
OpenOffice-2.0 RPMS with yum use this command:

yum search openoffice.org2 | grep i386 | grep -v langpack

For finding Language Packs (if you want other than English) do:

yum search openoffice.org2 | grep langpack

Use “yum install <pkg_name1> <pkg_name2>” to install the packages
that you want, or “yum info <pkg_name1> <pkg_name2>” to obtain more
information about them.

* A new yum included in CentOS-4.6 requires the installation of
yum-metadata-parser. The yum-metadata-parser package contains a
metadata parser for yum written in C. It speeds up the metadata parsing
phase of yum considerably and does not change yum behavior in any other way.


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