When preparing for a post I was challenged by change in GNOME menus.

In CentOS 4.x there was Take screenshot application into menu, but in version 5 this application “disappeared”.

After quick search in documentation I’ve discovered that now I can take screenshot by pressing Print Screen button on my keyboard and if I want only active window I can press Alt+Print Screen

Here is the menu:

CentOS 5 Screenshot


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  1. Cisco Tutor on June 16th, 2012 4:11 am

    It is a great news that Screen shot tool is again available in Centos 6.2. The difference between normal screen shot and this tool is that we can select the area of the screen where we want to take screen shot.

    If you are using gnome, then open the screen shot tool from Applications > Accessories > Take Screenshot.

    To open it from terminal, run the command “gnome-screenshot” (without quotes) or “gnome-screenshot –interactive” (without quotes).

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