Adding few DNS records from GUI is a breeze, but when you have more than one some automation will help.

Windows provides command line tools to help you with that.

But the trick is that you have to get your hands “dirty” and type some commands in bat file.

In this case I’m using dnscmd tool (from Windows Support Tools).

If you are unsure how to install it check Install Windows Support Tools tutorial from Microsoft

Here is dns.bat:

@echo off

set dnshost=localhost
set domain=

echo “We are reading records from records.txt”
for /F “tokens=1,2,3 delims=,” %%G in (records.txt) do dnscmd %dnshost% /RecordAdd %domain% %%G %%H %%I

It reads records from records.txt formatted in following way:

<hostname>,<record type>,<IP>

First record is hostname (without domain) followed by record type (A, PTR…) and last ip addres

NOTE: there is comma separating all values

How to use it:

1. Put your records in records.txt

2. type dns.bat

3. That it is… (Probably good time to validate 🙂 )

Since version 19 Mozilla Firefox comes with build in PDF viewer.

Generally it does the work and it is really useful when no another PDF reader is installed, but in some cases is not so appropriate and you might be better with external viewer.

Problem I have is that it is Java Script based and even JS is really fast on low power machines it is not as fast as “real” plugin.

In case you need to disable build in viewer do following:

  1. Open Firefox Options
  2. Go to ApplicationsFirefox default PDF viever options
  3. Find PDF in the list and change the action from Preview in Firefox to appropriate one.

That is all…