RaspberryPi is well known for it’s price. Everywhere it is mentioned that the cost is $35.

And actually really is 🙂

But there is “fineprint” too…

This is not the price at what you will receive the board?!

In addition to cost of RaspberryPi board you have to count for additional charges.

Here are the facts:

(NOTE: numbers are coming from my invoice and may vary for different cases):

1. PaspberryPi board ($ 35 USD) (note USD part) = $37.96 CAD

Per google (On 14/9/2012) it should be $33.81 CAD

This equals to $4.15 CAD for currency exchange and rate of 1.0846

2. Tax = $7.93 CAD (  🙂 )

3. Shipping = $15 CAD ( again 🙂 )

For total of: $60.89 CAD

So let’s do some financial analysis.

If we sum all “additional charges” they come at ~ 45% of total price.

And for the visuals representation on pie chart:

RaspberryPi total price pie chart by charges

RaspberryPi total price pie chart by charges


Hope this will help to make educated choice and not get caught by surprise.