Recently I remarked that my Foxmarks do not sync anymore…

After going to Log file I discovered that I have error 400 (unknown error) .

Quick search on Foxmarks site showed me that I’m not the only one.

Automatic fix did not work for me, so I was forced to do manual fix.

Be sure that you have latest version of your bookmarks on the PC you do the fix. Otherwise you may have problems with missing bookmarks.

Recently a lot of work was done in exploiting browsers cross site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities.

Now research by Aaron Weaver showed the possibility to use browser connected to malicious site to send print jobs to network printers. This may be big problem for companies – usually home users use only locally connected printers.

It is just matter of time to create a tool and sell it to the spammers. Then we can say welcome to “printer” spam.


In his blog Tom Drapeau announced that AOL will stop development of their Netscape browser.

Security patches will be released until 1 February 2008.

In the net there are rumors that next version of ASUS Eee PC will have 8.9″ (1024×600) screen and integrated WiMAX and will be based on Intel Menlow platform.

When trying to install CentOS 5 in Xen DomU via http I received following error:

“Could not find an installable distribution the install location”

The problem was that instead  pointing to root of folder containing mounted disk images I should point to disk1.

That solved my problem.