If you finally decided to add protection to your valuable data by using software RAID 1 – congrats. You are on the right path. But do not forget that you still need good backup.
If you have only 1 additional drive the procedure is more difficult, but still possible.

Note1: Try following procedure on your own risk. Preferably testing it on non-prod machine.
Note2: /dev/sdb is secondary disk it could vary for you.

First you create degraded RAID 1
mdadm –create /dev/md0 -l raid1 -f -n 1 /dev/sdb1

cat /proc/mdstat

Add it to mdadm.conf
mdadm –detail –scan >> /etc/mdadm.conf

Inform it the there is second disc
mdadm –grow /dev/md0 -n 2

Here you create partition on degraded drive and copy data from first disk

Repartition first disk if needed and add it to the array.
mdadm –manage /dev/md1 –add /dev/sda1

Note that this is just skeleton of steps and not full step by step tutorial.

As from the previous post if you see nay problems, please let me know.

This time the upgrade was almost flawless, except the quirk that if I did not disable and after that re enable all plugins I get 500 server error?!

How to become an SEO Ninja - Cover

How to become an SEO Ninja - Cover

Actually the book is called: “How to become an SEO Ninja”.

For the people who do not know what is SEO:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving WEB site from point of view of search engines to bring more and better quality traffic.

SEO act as marketing for the site to increase his relevancy using knowledge of methods how search engines work and what keywords people use to search.

And for those who want to know what is Ninja:

In Japanese history, a ninja was someone specially trained in a variety of unorthodox arts of war. The methods used by ninja included assassination, espionage, and a variety of martial arts.

Do not expect the book to give you knowledge in martial arts, but in case you asked yourself some of following questions it may be very useful for you:

  • What is SEO? – Partially answered in this post, but explained in detail in the book
  • How can I get more search engine traffic? – You know that the traffic is what brings more people to your site or blog.
  • Is there anything I can do to improve my rank in Google? – On of the first questions you ask.
  • Should I hire an SEO consultant?
  • Somebody told me they could guarantee me a spot on the front page of Google. Should I hire them?

After reading the book you will have the knowledge in following areas:

  • How to figure out what you want to rank in Google for (it’s not what you think)
  • How to maximize the number of people searching for your keywords while minimizing your competition
  • When you want to optimize, and when you don’t
  • Where to find free tools — what you should pay for and what you shouldn’t
  • What to do about the Google sandbox
  • How to get creative with your SEO — it’s not just stuffing a bunch of keywords in and crossing your fingers
  • How to tell whether your niche is profitable — will you ever be able to rank for what you want?
  • Black Hat SEO vs. White Hat SEO — it’s not just for Westerns anymore
  • How to capitalize on long tail search terms — the ones that the big guys aren’t even trying for
  • Competition reconnaissance — how to know what you’re up against (Hint: ninjas are involved.)
  • In addition to the background stuff, you’ll come away with concrete, actionable ideas for what you can do to improve your Google ranking TODAY:
  • 8 critical optimization tricks you can start using on your own site right now. Even if you don’t know anything about SEO. Even if you don’t know anything about websites.
  • 6 ways to maximize the power of your inbound links, the thing Google looks at first

There are also two special sections at the end:

  • For Bloggers Only:
  • The Future of Google:

Click here to view more details and how to order


No more available for purshase (since august 8 2008)

Why -> see comments

From my personal experience it does not worth to repair some electronics:

1. Computers

– Even when repairing it goes by blocks. So if your computer is 2-3 years old you may try replacing defective part (most of computers come with 1-2 years of guarantee). For computers 3 years and older simply buy new one and restore your data from recent backup (You are doing BACKUP, right).

2. MP3 players

– they became so cheap that  it does not worth it.

3. DVD players

– same as 2. they are cheap and HD/Blu-ray is coming.

4. Cell phones

– Here the same principle rules.

5. Microwaves

– impossible(and really dangerous) to repair by yourself and better just buy new one.

Those are  most common…

But this principle works also for many other things.

For example to clean a carpet (most common ones)  you need to spend around $30 to borrow carpet cleaning machine but new carper will cost you $50-60.

Does it worth it?