As we already informed AMD will make Phenom 3X – 3 core CPU.

Now confirmed officially

Tuvalu is small island Country mostly known by his domain name .tv.

Soon it may be known as “New Atantida” if global warming continues to raise the oceans level.

Scientist predict that in 30-40 years Tuvalu will be under sea level and will bring precedent of disappeared country without any military conflict.

Which is new case for UN and international law – citizens of the country will be not under any “refugee” law after they became “homeless”.

Everybody (mostly) knows about OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) program also known as $100 laptop.

Unfortunately the price is constantly going up and last announced is $188 – almost double than $100 goal.

So the question is  why to choose OLPC when fully functional laptops get cheaper and cheaper?


There are rumors that AMD will release CPUs with 3 cores.


Mostly because Intel cannot do it….

and it fills market share between 2 core and 4 core CPU

and because is possible to utilize some of defect CPUs

There are amny service providers that offer you to sen your e-mail as regular mail, but now there is a company that offers the opposite.


To receive for you your regular mail and send it to you as e-mail (Unopened of course). Then you can decide what to be done with the mail move to trash or scan it or even forward to me.

Unfortunately it is not free, but for some offices it could be really convenient.

Here is video of how to create inexpensive car tracking system.

It cheap an ingenious simple.

You will need old but functioning cell phone or prepaid phone, car charger, creativity and probably some long wires.

You connect cell phone to the car battery via car charger and hide it on place where it will have connection to cell towers.

Then when you car is stolen you can give cell phone IMEA number to authorities and with the help of your cell phone provider they can easily trace current car location.

TG Daily has a story of an inventor and his crash after his demonstration.

Check the whole story

I wonder why he ride a racing bike without a helmet and special equipment.

Hopefully he seemed to be OK so he can learn something from this experience.

TerraNet found new application of P2P (peer to peer) technology – Cellular network.

They plan to implement technology looking for other P2P capable cell phones in 2 km radius and using them to transfer calls without using cellular network.

The main use of this technology may be local calls or as replacement of PTT (push to talk)/ WalkyTalkies.

Another maybe lifesaving use  of this technology is in case of disaster all cell towers may be down, but communication will be still possible.

I must share it…..

Here is the instructional video:

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