From my personal experience it does not worth to repair some electronics:

1. Computers

– Even when repairing it goes by blocks. So if your computer is 2-3 years old you may try replacing defective part (most of computers come with 1-2 years of guarantee). For computers 3 years and older simply buy new one and restore your data from recent backup (You are doing BACKUP, right).

2. MP3 players

– they became so cheap that  it does not worth it.

3. DVD players

– same as 2. they are cheap and HD/Blu-ray is coming.

4. Cell phones

– Here the same principle rules.

5. Microwaves

– impossible(and really dangerous) to repair by yourself and better just buy new one.

Those are  most common…

But this principle works also for many other things.

For example to clean a carpet (most common ones)  you need to spend around $30 to borrow carpet cleaning machine but new carper will cost you $50-60.

Does it worth it?


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