In the era of increasing gas prices everybody are interested how to increase their MPG (miles per gallon – used in USA) or respectively decrease gas consumption l/km (Used in Europe and most of the world).

This is not a simple task and it is mostly a function  of how car is driven. Here are some tips.

  • Take a look at car consumption that manufacturer put in your manual. Usually this is the optimum value you can reach – so inform yourself about it before you buy the car.
  • Try carrying as less as possible “useless” stuff in your car – heavier your car is more it will consume
  • Avoid putting stuff on the rooftop such as car-tops if you do not need them.
  • If you have 2 cars try to use them appropriately – do not use SUV for your shopping when you can do it with your hatchback (SUV consumes usually 2+ l/100km more than compact class car)
  • Maintain your car according to manufacturer instructions – inflate your tires to nominal pressure, change your oil regularly,replace your air filter, maintain your ignition system (change spark plugs and cables) etc.
  • Do not use A/C when you can open your window
  • Do not drive on highway with full open windows – This will break car aerodynamics (true for 60km/h+)
  • Do not speed – most of the cars are manufactured to be fuel efficient at the speed around the speed limit and if you drive faster you consumption increases.
  • …..

Some of those “tricks” are common sense, but thinking about them when driving will allow you to safe money….


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