Mozilla constantly improves Firefox. Some improvements are good, but some questionable or it is just personal preference.

One of the things developers changed in recent versions is the way website URL is displayed in address bar.

Now it looks like this:new firefox address bar

as you can see http:// protocol in front of URL is hidden

But I prefer to be shown like thatoriginal firefox address bar

Now I know that I’m visiting http site 😉

From one side it leaves only web address and it is less crowded, but if you feel uncomfortable without http just follow these steps:

  1. Type in Firefox address bar about:config
  2. Filter to browser.urlbar.trimURLs (just copy/paste in Filter field)
  3. Double click on result listing or choose toggle from context menu. Value should be set to false – this disables URL trimming.
  4. That is it – now you have http:// if front of your URL.
  5. If you prefer to go back to default value just repeat the procedure and be sure that value is true.
  6. This will re enable URL trimming.


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