When testing e-mail server one of the tools that are proven to be useful is plain old telnet.
Actually this is not a surprise since SMTP protocol function is similar.

Here is how to use it:

1. Start from command prompt
2. Type
telnet mailhost 25
Note: Replace mailhost with your email server.

3. Type:
HELO server.com

Note1: depending on the server HELO have to be replaced with EHLO
Note2: Replace server.com with your domain

4. Type
MAIL FROM:you@server.com

Note: Again replace you@server.com with your e-mail address

5. Type

RCPT TO: recipient@server2.com

Note: Replace recipient@server2.com with recipient e-mail address
6. Type

after that optionally
SUBJECT: Your subject
then type your message
to finish place dot at new line.
6. To exit type


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