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Have you already write the code and have the need to keep track of changes or keep different versions with possibility to revert easily to previous version?

Do you still have those problems?

If so the tool you may need is called subversion and is available for Linux/Unix/MAC OS X and Windows.

How to use it?

It is relatively easy especially if you create local repository:

1. You need to install the binary version or compile from source code (the procedure is described for CentOS 5, but sould not be drastically different for other OS’s except fro installation part)

yum install subversion

2. Next step is to create repository – it must be done on the machine where repository will reside

svnadmin create <path to local directory>

3. After you create repository next step is to import data

svn import <folder> <repository> -m "<log message>"


  • folder – direcrtory where your data reside
  • repository – file:///<path to repository> Note there are 3 slashes
  • log message – something meaninfull probably something like “first import”

4. Rename the folder

mv folder folder.beforesvn

5. Create working copy of the data

svn checkout <repository> <working copy>

6. Start working and send changes to repository with

svn commit

Note that you need to be in “working copy” folder.


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