Recently after installing Office 2007 using default installation options I saw unusual entry in my task manager processes.


It took almost 8M of my memory so I started search on what it is.

Quickly I discovered that  it is part of MS Office 2007 and is used to share files and work on projects with other Microsoft Office Groove users.

It sounds nice, but I do not use it at all so I start searshing the ways to remove it from the system.

After looking to standard kill process and erase the  startup entry process I tried add/remove program–>Office 2007 –> change and for my surprise I saw Groove entry.

So I unchecked it and that removed it. Strange, but it worked.



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  1. Vasil on September 20th, 2009 8:10 am

    Thx it was very Helpfull 🙂

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