Usually on the same system there is different programs that can open the same type of files, but they also have different capabilities.

And “Usually” the program that we are comfortable with is not the one by default.

Here I’ll show you how to fix it:

  1. It is actually very simple. Just open file browser and navigate to file of the same file type that you want to change default program.
  2. Then right click with the mouse and choose properties. You will see similar window:
    Screenshot of file properties Linux
  3. Then click on Open with tab.
    Screenshot of Change open with in linux
  4. Here you can change default open with program or add new one if it is not into list.
  5. Finally click close. (In contrast with other OS all changes are applied on close and there is no OK button)

That’s it.

Tip: Another way of doing it “Temporarily” is to right click and use open with…


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