Multiplication bug in Microsoft Excel 2007 has been reported to Microsoft.

How to verify if your Spreadsheet has the same problem?

Simply put =850*77.1 in any cell the correct result is 65,535, but MS Excel 2007 calculated it as 100000.

There are several other “buggy”combinations reported by other users:

What’s even stranger is this:  Suppose the formula is in A1.
=A1+1 returns 100001, which appears to show the formula is in fact 100000
and a very Serious problem.
And if you multiply be say, 2 you get something else:
returns 131070, as if A1 had 65535. (which it should have been)
Keeps it at 100000.
=A1-1 returns 65534
=A1/1 is still 100000
=A1/2 returns 32767.5
Using MAX() on a range appears not to see 100000.


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