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Finally finished the upgrade – sorry for any inconvenience it toke me a bit more time.

As usual on major release there is new requirement so be sure to check them before upgrading.

I proceeded as usual – following instructions from wordpress web site, but on the last step (database upgrade) I was surprised with message that my DB version is not supported in new version.

So I had to create new one and upload all SQL data from the backup (you have one of course) happily I was able to do it without any modifications.

If you’ve noticed any quirks, please let me know.

Yahoo is closing geocities – Sad news… a lot of information will be lost in time 😥

This forced me to backup all data to this site.

In case someone is interested here is the link.

Trackbacks temporary disabled.

The problem i had with recaptcha plugin is solved and it is back for second trial.

Even protection from spam comments does work correctly I still get a lot of comments to review in case of false positives.

To ease my work from today before you can enter a comment you need to prove to the system that you are human by solving captcha.

Sorry for all inconvenience this could cause you.

Finally this was not really well implemented. I reverted back to previous setup.

I’ll experiment a bit….

Until now only registered users were able to leave comments.

The reason behind was a automated bot leaving 100-s of comments on my blog.

But on other side even when I want to leave a comment in somebody’s blog I resist to do it if registration is required. So I’ve decided to try and see if bot will break to the antispam protection.


Site is upgraded to the latest version 2.6now.

Upgrade to latest version.

As usual not without problems. This time maintenance plugin blocked the access to the site and I had to unblock it manually. Fortunately I was no the only one to have similar problem and quick search showed the solution.

Hi all,

just upgraded to newest version of Wordpres.

Most of the functions work with one exception Organize series plugin is broken in 2.3.

As this is not major problem I’ll stay with new version and will wait for v 2.0 of the plugin.

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